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Our Mission is the organization
of like minded individuals
that share a common interest
in motorcycle riding.

We are a Canadian membership
for the purpose of providing an atmosphere of mutual respect while providing social gatherings, events and activities. Our North Americian association has no political affiliations, commercial endorsements or religious affiliations. We rider to enjoy having fun together.

We are independent of any corporate sponsors
and affiliations. Our association follows a common charter but each chapter operates as independent entities based on friendship and sharing.

We are more than just a motorcycle riding club.

Our members and associates encourage good riding habits and involvement in both civic and charitable affairs. We uphold the projection of a positive and safe motorcycling image to the general public.

Safe Riding With a Multitude of Motorcycle Chapters
We promote Rider Education with safe riding and defensive skills for both group and solo riding. We learn from each other and through an established four level training program. Our training is done in a low risk, friendly environment and participation is completely voluntary.

Informative Seminars on a variety of topics are often part of the Chapter meetings and provide our membership with valuable tips and riding knowledge. Several Chapters offer an annual Spring Warm Up as a casual way to improve a rider's techniques for the coming season. Of course, when it comes to alcohol or other impairment substances, we are a zero tolerance riding club. We respect the safety of all our members and trust you will also.

As a member driven association we are not
a branded club with restrictions
on the type of motorcycle you must own.

In fact, all motorcycle owners and even non owners are of the same status as full members of each chapter. Membership and activities are chapter driven on a year round basis. Our message is friendship, fun and comrades not the type of bike you own. We are not a fund raising group, we are a motorcycle riding group.

Your make of bike you own does not matter.
We ride, we tour, we share experiences,
adventures, stories and tales.
We encourage you to
visit and join us.

Attitude Determines Your Altitude