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Rider Education

Riding safe means that you, your bike and others are secure
with the skills and knowledge to avoid accidents.

Rider Education means safe on the road.
Rider Perception Test

Training exercises are promoted by the Region so that you as a chapter can practice your riding skills together in the parking lot or on the road. We also have qualified trainers who can visit and do workshops on site at your location.

Riding skill practice does not mean that you are a bad rider, it means that you can become a better rider. Rider habits are developed so that you ride defensively and are alert to the environmental factors around you. Knowing how to react, what to look for and practicing bike techniques protects you and the others in your group.

Ride, and communicate being safe. Practice your safe riding by doing drills and routines in the parking lot. Remember that you cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind. You have to do it.

Example: Group riding can fall within the three basic kinds of group riding.
  Gang Riding
- doing your own thing

Leisure Riding
- agreeing to some road rules

Team Riding
- riding as a coordinated unit

Gang riding is just that. Riding with your own style, independent of others in your group, doing your own thing. Bad image, Bad riding and very unsafe way to ride. Most riders start this way and discover by trail and error. Falling hurts no matter what you wear.

Leisure Riding is better in that you know, you agree and you conform to certain rules of the road. It is better than gang riding but is still not real group riding with full skills and awareness. Leisure riding usually fits less skilled or disciplined riders. This loose manner is still safer than gang riding.

Team Riding or Coordinated Riding involves the group working as a unit or team. They move down the highway as a single entity. Road captains and Tail riders allow group riding to be the most enjoyable and safe way to travel as groups. Team riding is experience and a trust with confidence in yourself and others. It is very satisfying and comfortable way to ride.

Needless to say that we try to acquire the skills and techniques of being able to ride in a coordinated manner but it is not for everyone. We recognize this and allow for each style when on the road. Whether you can attain the skills of coordinated riding or not, it is good to know the why, how, and what of safe riding. Riding buddies and company on the road makes for fun.

Riders who do not know or wish to function within the rules necessary for group riding can pose a hazard to themselves and others. We try work as a unit for the safety of self and others. Riders not functioning with the group are still welcome but are encouraged to ride in a more leisurely informal style or separate from the group at a safe distance. The most important rule is to stay alive on the road.

We all ride at different skill levels. Rider education eliminates most of the trial and error and increases our riding skills and techniques. Rider education quickens our rider abilities in an easy and enjoyable manner. We have fun doing it because we practice it. It is always a good sign that we all can laugh at each other.

Remember that Signal Lights have not replaced Hand Signals.
Hand Signals never burn out.

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