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GWTA Regional Bike Chapter Areas
GWTA Local Club Riding Areas


Each chapter is a unique chapter and holds monthly meeting. Each develops it own character and rides with its chapter members and others. These rides can be local weekly rides, long touring rides or just visits to other chapter events. Each chapter develops according to the members wishes in the area. Chapter members form the unit that engages the group and regulates the activities. Fun is the operative word here. It is all riding, fun and congeniality while being safe on the road. Destinations, friends and comradeship form at each event. Chapters mride throughout North America while attending local events.

Chapters share in each others events, rallies and rides. Each chapter when they organize an event, organize it so that all chapters are welcomed and can participate. With each chapter planning an event, the Regional members have a large selection of events and rallies to attend. Rides to events outside of the sponsored GWTA events are participated on a chapter to chapter basis. The basic instinct and thrust of riders is to ride. GWTA membership provides riding partners to reach out onto the road and tour the asphalt with partners.

GWTA Chapter Locations across North America
to see and ride with to have fun with new friends.

Mid State Navigators - Region H - CT - Chapter M

Region C - North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska,
Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Manitoba, Saskatchewan


GWTA - Washington State

GWTA Michigan

GWTA - Nebraska

Region - E - Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Colorado,
Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri

GWTA - Kansas Chapter A

GWTA Chapters in Oregon


All members of each chapter welcome each other to any event or meetings.

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